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NCLB Teacher Qualifications

"The district shall notify the parents of each student attending any school that the parents may request, and the district will provide to the parents, on request, in a timely matter, information regarding the professional qualifications of the student's teacher(s). The district shall also provide timely notice to parents if their child will be taught by a teacher not meeting ESEA/NCLB requirements for four or more consecutive weeks."

Dustin Mitchell High School Principal/Activities Director 308-386-4656 ext.2301
Josie Floyd Elementary Principal 308-386-4656 ext.2312
Nick Maxcy Director of Technology 308-386-4656 ext.2411
Cathy Brunz High School Counselor 308-386-4656 ext.2119
Jaris Baker Industrial Technology/Ag 308-386-4656 ext.2409
Dan Dyer Mathematics 308-386-4656 ext.2402
Ryan Mraz Social Studies/Psychology 308-386-4656 ext.2410
Jesse Saner Junior High Resource 308-386-4656 ext.2102
Nicole Weiss Librarian/Media Specialist 308-386-4656 ext.2113
Kim Schow Second Grade 308-386-4656 ext.2103
Ruth Fleecs Elementary Secretary 308-386-4656 ext.2202
Lisa BrownLunch Personnel 308-386-4656
Char RotertLunch Personnel/Custodian 308-386-4656
Donnie MainCustodian 308-386-4656
Deric McConnell Custoduan 308-386-4656
Ron VanSkiverSchool Board President
Steve OsborneSchool Board Vice President
Jannette LantisSchool Board Secretary
Claude HoatsonSchool Board Treasurer
Shelly KellySchool Board Member
Tony HolmSchool Board Member